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    Hi, my name is Travis Wolff. I am a pharmacist, business owner, and leadership culture extraordinaire. My wife Sunni and I bought our first store (with a business partner) right when we graduated pharmacy school. Crazy, we know. I can still remember managing the store as an intern, employing and supervising another pharmacist, just waiting on my pharmacist license to come in the mail. The store had been there for 30 years, and we kept all staff that wanted to stay, some of which had been there since the doors opened. Four years later, we bought a second pharmacy, kept all their staff, and eventually combined it under the roof of our original pharmacy. Needless to say, we gained a lot of perspective on employee engagement and staff development. Consider leading staff who have been doing their job longer than you've been alive; now imagine teaching them a new way to do something, then hire new staff, then merge staff from another business, and oh yeah, hire some more staff. All the while, we continued to add new clinical services each year in order to better serve our patients and meet the new demands of a community pharmacist. Implementation skills became a must as we forged against the grains of the changing healthcare scene. It was at this point I decided, that my profession was changing, we had to change with it, but I couldn't do it alone; I had to have my staff on board in order to be successful. I decided then and there that I would strive to become the most well-read person on employee engagement, implementation and goal tracking, as well as culture as it pertains to organizational change. I went on to study the Psychology of Leadership at Cornell. I obtained a teaching certificate from the University of Connecticut College of Pharmacy so that I can teach what I know better. Together with our incredible team, we have figured out how to THRIVE in our changing profession. We have implemented new services, improved old ones, and even identified some we shouldn't be doing. We now offer much more than a community pharmacy, as we have initiated several ambulatory care services. We teach patient education in our local hospital. We manage pharmacy services for three different critical access hospitals. Now as a Board Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist, we even work in the doctor's offices! Our success didn't go unnoticed as I've been on a national speaking tour for about two years now. I enjoy speaking and will continue to do so, however, after two years, we've realized that we can't reach enough people that way, to the degree we want to anyway. So here we are. We decided to start this consulting business so that we can help owners and managers like you. The results have been astounding. We have gained so many fulfillments seeing the progress our clients have achieved. Helping them jump over hurdles, predict obstacles and ultimately reach success in less than half the time it took us is absolutely one of the best outcomes we could have asked for. This is how we will save independent healthcare. We realize we can't save independent practice by ourselves. We need you! We want to help you. We can't be successful without you. So please go look at our packages and sign up today!

  • Past speaking engagements, workshops, and recognition

    Pharmacy Development Services Pharmacist of the Year 2019 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Engaging your team to lead your business to success, Pharmapreneur Academy Elevate Summit 2019 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How implement Smoke Cessation and other health education programs in a Community Pharmacy, Pharmapreneur Elevate Summit 2019 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How You Can Let Go Grow: Staff Roles in a Changing Market- NCPA National Convention 2018 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Selecting the Best Candidate: Colleagues in Consultation Moderator, NCPA National Convention 2018 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alumni Young Achievement Award- SWOSU College of Pharmacy 2018 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Implementation Practices: Motivating and Training Your Staff-NCPA Enhanced Services Bootcamp 2018 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Motivating and Engaging Your Team: Increase Productivity without Increasing Resources-RBC Cardinal Health 2018 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recognized for Excellence in Innovation for Pharmacy Practice by Oklahoma Pharmacists Association 2017 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From Pushback to Pushing Forward: Successful Strategies for Engaging Your Pharmacy Staff-NCPA National Convention 2017 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Named Number 1 Pharmacy in Oklahoma by OutcomesMTM in 2016 for Medication Therapy Management Services provided in 2015

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