Details on this package:

  • Benefits

    • Two 1hr coaching calls per month • Action plan emails are scheduled, but client can have continual access for email guidance at any time throughout the month • Intense focus on several different aspects, based on client’s goals; including employee engagement, implementation practices, specific program introduction to your workflow, and positive culture development for success • Goal tracking and achievement throughout the year; adjustments advised on a continual evaluation • Site visit discount, can be used for store visits or meetings with other healthcare entities on behalf of your business • Many resources provided for your success

  • Who is this package for?

    The Total Care is kind of like an all access opportunity to seek advice at any given time. We do a quarterly check in at every quarter with this one, to make sure our activities have been getting you results or to determine if we need to change gears. This one may sound expensive, but we have been told that it is the best deal for the money. We really try to teach owners and managers to focus on ROTI, not ROI....what's more valuable, your time or your money? Most everyone says their time, so ROTI is return on time investment...with best strategies from your starting point, we can usually save you so much time by preventing many of the beginner's mistakes while helping you predict and jump over barriers. With this, we don't take on too many clients, so that we make sure we are available when they need us.

  • Want to run an idea past us?

    Some clients are unsure whether our services are right for their needs. Feel free to fill out our information and background registration form located on our course page and we'll contact you to set up a free consultation before you sign up!

Pricing for this Package

$1499 per month

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If you're ready to start introducing new concepts or implementing clinical processes to meet today's metrics in the performance based healthcare of tomorrow, get started here! Let us help you engage your employees, set goals, and track your progress as you challenge the status quo by making your patients (and your business) healthier!

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