Details on this Package

(LEAP participants only)

  • What is LEAP?

    LEAP is an intense 12 week program created in collaboration with The Avant Institute of Clinicians. It is designed and launched on LEAP Day 2020 with the thought to help community pharmacists and pharmacy owners everywhere take a giant LEAP in their business in order to overcome some of biggest hurdles we face in community pharmacy today. This program was created for all, no matter where you are at in your journey as a community pharmacist. Getting pharmacists across the nation united in their abilities to be successful will ultimately help all of us move the profession forward together. For more information on LEAP you can read about it here .

  • Benefits Provided

    This package is designed specifically for those currently enrolled in LEAP, or those who have graduated from LEAP. We have created this package in order to offer more one-on-one help for our LEAP participants in order that you may more successfully mold the LEAP material into your personal needs. This package is offered at a reduced price because you will already have access to some of the high level thoughts presented in the LEAP material. This price and coaching package is offered exclusively to LEAP participants for a period of up to 3 months. Remember we don't do contracts, so you're not obligated to three months, however if after the 3 months you want to continue the coaching relationship we will discuss which one of our ongoing packages is right for you.

Pricing for this Package

$399 per month for up to 3 months

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