Details on this package

  • Benefits

    • One 1hr coaching call per month • One additional 30 minute coaching call per month when client desires • Weekly follow up emails to guide the process and track progress •Action plan with controlling calendar and accountability •Focus on best practices for implementation •Usually need at least four months to ensure impact in your business •More intense focus for those clients who are looking to start a new process, or improve a current process, but at an accelerated pace • Excellent package for starting MTM, Adherence Fill program, Processes to Improve your Equipp scores, Inventory Management, etc. •Having a good culture already in place will accelerate results, however is not required

  • Who is this package for?

    The Implementation Focus is best for someone wanting to implement a new process or possibly improve a current one. It is an intense focus where I equip you to run it yourself. Therefore, we want you to commit at least four months, then if you choose not to continue one of the other packages after that, we still schedule a free follow up call down the road to work through any barriers after we leave the involvement. Depending on the new process chosen, this can sometimes be longer than four months, but that is discussed before you sign up in line with your registration and background form. You can also choose to stay at this level beyond four months.

  • Want to run an idea past us?

    Some clients are unsure whether our services are right for their needs. Feel free to fill out our information and background registration form located on our course page and we'll contact you to set up a free consultation before you sign up!

Pricing for this Package

$899 per month

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