Details on this package

  • Benefits

    • One 1hr coaching phone call per month • One follow up email sent half way between calls • Action plan with specific tasks • Focus on staff engagement and culture development for success • Once culture is on the right track we can start tracking and developing processes to learn how to achieve your goals

  • Who is this package for?

    The Basic Coaching is great for owners/managers who don't really know how much time they have to devote to their business, yet know they need to make a change. I am able to make a good impact with these clients, but it may take a little more time, mostly because the owner themselves isn't always in a state to make changes first. A one year commitment is encouraged, but there is a first quarter check-in...basically the check-in is for us to be absolutely sure you feel that you are getting value from our services. If you do not feel that we have added value after the first quarter, then we decide how to change gears, or you can cancel our services without penalty. Again, I am doing this to save independent pharmacy, so I want you to get results!

  • Want to run an idea past us?

    Some clients are unsure whether our services are right for their needs. Feel free to fill out our information and background registration form located on our course page and we'll contact you to set up a free consultation before you sign up!

Pricing for this Package

$499 per month

Our time is now!

If you're ready to start introducing new concepts or implementing clinical processes to meet today's metrics in the performance based healthcare of tomorrow, get started here! Let us help you engage your employees, set goals, and track your progress as you challenge the status quo by making your patients (and your business) healthier!