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  • What You Will Learn

    +Attract and Recruit Good People for the Position you Need +Interviewing with the Best Questions and Hiring Processes that bring Confidence +Onboarding and Learning Approaches to Accelerate Progress and Build Team Collaboration +Conduct Critical Conversations with Dignity so that Team Members can Choose if they Want to Work for you...the BEST of the BEST in CONFLICT MANAGMENT no matter your PERSONAL STYLE of Leadership +Improve Employee Retention so that you can Build your Team Wisdom Bank and Reduce Turnover +Create a Culture of Accountability by Tracking your Unique KPIs in a way that Motivates your People and Improves your Bottom Line +Provide Opportunity for Progression and Performance Improvement Tracking that Engages Anyone +Understand Key Principles in Reward and Recognition and How to Use them with your Specific Team *GROW YOUR REVENUE BY BUILDING YOUR PEOPLE!*

  • Employee Engagement 360

    This two day course will be a full circle training in many ways! We will start with step 1 to step DONE in the employee life cycle. We will also cover key management approaches to keep your team engaged so that you decrease your turnover and increase your results. After the two day course, your purchase includes group classes once back home to help you implement all the tools you gain and work through any barriers that come up.

  • Education plus Implementation

    This course is designed not just to teach you best practices, it will help you do them, too! Once you complete the course you will receive access to turn key documents you can use to guide all of your employee interactions no matter the circumstance! They will all be templates that you can use as is or edit to fit your needs. You will finish this experience equipped to engage your current people, hire the right new ones, and conduct critical conversations for those who need them.

Pricing includes 2 day conference for 2 people, downloadable form templates, and virtual group classes to be held after the conference.

If you are a current PharmFurther Coaching Client, please do not sign up here, ask about your discount on your next coaching call to get signed up!

Our time is NOW

If you're ready to start introducing new concepts or implementing clinical processes to meet today's metrics in the performance based healthcare of tomorrow, get started here! Let us help you engage your employees, set goals, and track your progress as you challenge the status quo by making your patients (and your business) healthier!